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I was surprised, shocked and angry that this could happen. Dear Laurie with the intelligent mind and golden heart, You're too smart to leave, I reckon. Missing your Bear and those oldies from that appartment. I wrote a brevity upon your leaving the site, " African Train Trip" , no more now. I love all your poems, fascinating ones with that tinge humor
Stopped by to check on old friends, and was assaulted by a sensory onslaught. Reminds me of the old Myspace before it became defunct under the weight of its own advertising greed. I salute and stand in solidarity with your position. Beyond that, I pray you enjoy a blessed and inspired New Year. Take care, my friend. Seamus
Laurie Van der Hart ! You are a highly talented poet as well as an excellent reviewer.I have read many of your poems and awed by their beauty and depth.Perhaps you do not agree with many things of Poem Hunter, but you should not deprive the readers your poems.I also request Poem Hunter to take required measures to make this Site a great place for writers and readers.
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