• A Path To Hope

    The wind blows melodies of an unknown tune
    A mysterious path with curiosity leading the way.
    Loneliness and desperation walking hand in hand
    Through the hills and valleys ending with a dead end.... more »

  • Alone At Last!

    Floating on the clouds with no
    destination no one to look to
    no more need of being scared
    of who I am truly... more »

  • Black Heart Princess

    A heart of gold in the deep depth of
    Depression Such a beautiful soul
    caught in the midst of rage and
    pain. Tears of a fallen angel with... more »

  • Black Pearl

    So beautiful and unique
    Made out of misery and hate
    Such strength and only
    Faith stands by you... more »

  • Cries Of Our Ancestors

    A fight for respect driven by pride
    so many blood have shed, all have
    lead to this… a disappointment.
    We call each other brothers and sisters... more »

  • Dark Soul

    Pain has erased all memories of love
    Shadows of the past shivering my soul
    From the dark depth of the ocean cries of
    Hope but all there is anger changing... more »

  • Death

    Comes in without a knock and enters
    Without an invitation and robe one’s soul
    Living behind an unknown answer and others in
    grief and pain.... more »

  • Disowned

    I’ve been disowned
    My name have been taken from me
    Families have turn their backs on me
    That road full of traps and disappointment is been... more »

  • Each Day

    Each day is one day closer to the end
    each day is one day older, wiser... more »

  • Forgive You?

    The tears that I have shed
    the pain that I have endured not
    once you uttered the word sorry.
    How can you want forgiveness if you have... more »

  • Haiti

    Pearl of the islands was its name.
    In the soul of it’s descendent it is still
    that beautiful pearl.
    The first black country to gain our independence... more »

  • How Long?

    How long will it take to start a new beginning
    for us to set apart our past and stop hurting
    for the love we have to be above everything else?
    How long will you be my knight... more »

  • It Could Be Worst

    When were in situations where life seems to
    be senseless we have to remember there
    Is always a bright side to everything.
    You think life sucks?... more »

  • The Valley Of Death

    I found myself walking through the valley of death
    and there they were, old and young
    all confused and scared, thousands after thousands
    all with one thing in common, regrets.... more »

  • When Are You Really On Your Own?

    Are you on your own when you turn18 and
    Going to college or when you feel
    like you are at the edge about to fall
    And there’s no one there to catch you?... more »

  • You Are Dead To Me! ! !

    I stood up for you when it didn't seem to matter
    every one gave up on you but I refused
    you look at me in the eye and said you don't care
    I did not accept you but loved you, when others were ashamed of you... more »

  • You Raped Me! !

    You raped me of my pride, my innocence
    in the midst of the night I scream cries of terror driven by rage
    Who could have thought such an honorable soul
    could be poses by an endless envy.... more »