• And so I live

    And so I live with cobwebs and ficuses,
    dictionaries, comic strips, and a heart
    which taps at the outskirts of night... more »

  • Bread 1972

    It smells of gas and ferment.
    Obliquely across the pavement,
    Vans: oblique letters,
    red teats on the underbelly.... more »

  • City Of Mercury

    The road happened to be boggy.
    Cars drove by, splashing mud and light.
    Below us loomed the blue city of mercury.
    Tin and water rusted in its twilight.... more »

  • Letter

    Yo! Wind tore off the door.
    Ah, a car, in snow.

    Blue evening light,
    beginning of Winter.... more »

  • On The Sixth Floor (Mažvydas Library)

    An elevator, murmuring quietly,
    Lifts us into a sky of books.
    Eyes closed, you twist your hair around your finger:
    Slumber is a soft and warm cocoon.... more »

  • Once again I pace

    Ich war alt wie ein Rauch
    Johannes Bobrowski

    once again I pace around the photos on the piano... more »

  • The Truck Driver´s Wife

    Truck Driver's Wife In the morning only a leather cap on the shelf.
    Driver At first I was really moving- -and thought I might turn over.
    Truck Driver's Wife I'm surrounded by cats again. Yarn chokes my neck.
    Driver Bremen. Sleet. Dreaming of borderguards.... more »