Lawrence S. Pertillar Comments (24)

He reminds me of my beloved Grandpa His name was Lawrence too
Lawrence is a great poet. He knows how to make his poetry flow with good rhythm and rime, while at the same time he knows how to depict his message through his tone of voice. He is probably one of the great modern poets of all time.
He is one of the greatest poems among the moderns, he is one of my favorites, he is innovative and leader of our time in the field of poetry.
As Lawrence does not write like me, I like to read his poem. His poems do not have any attachment and it looks very strange to me. A Good poet.
An amazing poet with both remarkable and at times baffling skill and talent. I would have to say he is one of the best modern day poets out their.
You remind me of a young Allen Ginsberg
Are you really the 21st best poet ever to have lived?
Lawrence is an exceptional poet. I always enjoy reading his works, and would not hesitate in the least to recommend his poems to be read by anyone, and everyone. I absolutely love his poetry.
i appreciate you work, your rhythm of words i feel them thankyou
Great and touching poem. This is very well penned and put together. I love it. thanks for sharing God bless you