• Attitudinal

    Is the excessive selling of told lies.
    With a devoted attitudinal duty,
    To protect and defend criminal intent.... more »

  • Attracted To Distractions

    What sense does it make,
    For many taking time to debate...
    The wrong one does.
    Day and night on a daily basis.... more »

  • Attracted To Pursue

    I know of no one,
    Who waited and sat...
    For a notoriety to them to come.
    Or believe themselves worthy of that.... more »

  • Attractive Negativity

    Those who have grown experiencing,
    Getting older.
    And now the elders,
    In their youthful appearing communities.... more »

  • Audacity

    Is it more important,
    To know what had been done to do it.
    To amaze and astonish.
    Or how what was done with it to do,... more »

  • Audience Of One

    An audience of one.
    Created to deceive.
    And leave many left stunned.
    Betrayed to use.... more »

  • Aunts And Uncles

    Ladies and gentlemen...
    My daddy Lawrence, Sr.
    Is the eldest of twenty-one.
    YES...21!... more »

  • Aura

    Many times one's aura,
    Seems to reflect a much bigger life.
    That radiates an image to stay,
    In the minds of those who find...... more »

  • Austerity

    Spending billions to win,
    A position to lead over opposition...
    To mention an austerity,
    Has come to affect a quality of life...... more »

  • Austerity Inflicted

    Greed that addicts,
    And promises of returning...
    To an austerity inflicted with discipline,
    Followed with strict restrictions...... more »

  • Authorized

    There is nothing like knowing,
    One's own struggle to undo...
    And when to ignore,
    The advice given by another...... more »

  • Automatic Minuets

    Climatic minutes tick and go.
    And when they come...
    It is known they are quickly fading.
    Sweet melodies,... more »

  • Automatic Understanding Misunderstood

    Questions to have,
    But not to ask them.
    Seldom opens a door to understanding.
    Or comprehension to expect it,... more »

  • Autopsy

    It appears the victim died,
    From a self inflicted hate.
    With an overwhelming need,
    To feel itself to be powerful and great!... more »

  • Autumn Falls

    Autumn falls,
    Before Indian Summer begins.
    And in New England...
    Temperatures cool,... more »

  • Autumnistic

    Such a beautiful day,
    For an Autumn display.
    With the leaves on the trees,
    Being color kissed.... more »

  • Available Is The Arsenal

    Becoming far more dangerous,
    And available is the arsenal...
    Of mentalities quick to feed,
    On conflict and division.... more »

  • Available Opportunities

    Being prepared,
    To recognize opportunities.
    Is much more effective,
    Than awaiting for them to exist.... more »

  • Avalanche

    An avalanche of passed chances,
    Gone ignored from exploration.
    Has begun to crack.
    And begins to roar...... more »

  • Avatar

    With eyes wondering,
    And looking much too far...
    Stop them where they are,
    Those eyes!... more »

  • Average Crook

    Just your average crook.
    Wanting the best for less.
    And what others possess.
    Quick to receive like seen on TV.... more »

  • Avoid Negativity

    Avoid negativity.
    Do this,
    By refusing to swim with...
    But against the high tide,... more »

  • Avoidance Of What 'Is'

    An avoidance of what 'is'...
    Does not make what 'is',
    Disappear to go away.... more »

  • Avoiding The Truth

    Those possessing obsessive egos,
    Have begun to pollute climates...
    Everywhere to appear,
    Choking the life out of the atmosphere.... more »

  • Avoiding Truth

    Those proud and accepting,
    Of their true identity.
    Are seldom found or seen protesting,
    The effective contributions made...... more »