• Be It For What It Is

    Be it for what it is,
    More than what it is not.
    Is it a tree that breathes with life?
    Does a foothill wish to grow,... more »

  • Be It Trivial And Mundane

    Forgiving the mundane and trivial,
    Accepted by many in a place where it is prevalent...
    And it has become a way of life,
    Rotating in the minds of those unconscious...... more »

  • Be Missed

    Those who say to convince when said,
    No time for themselves do they have?
    And it is observed they do their best,
    Just for others with a getting of little rest.... more »

  • Be Not The One

    'Those chickens coming home to roost,
    Are not going to remain...
    Staying away from others in their own coops.'... more »

  • Be Positive

    'No matter what the others do,
    Be and think positive...
    If only for you.'... more »

  • Be Prepared And Dressed For Dawn

    It is best to rise and early.
    Be prepared and dressed for dawn.
    And the first to be moving on,
    From a yesterday...... more »

  • Be Pro-Active

    Smoozed by gloss?
    Rushing to buff up the gleam that shines?
    Afraid to show dust collects on precious possessions?
    And when defects begin to appear,... more »

  • Be Pro-Active At It

    Wouldn't it be easier,
    To schedule your dilemmas?
    Prioritizing them for effectiveness.
    Leaving those you know will repeat,... more »

  • Be Proud Of Your Accomplishments

    'Be proud of your accomplishments done.',
    This I would say to anyone.
    Too many sit prepared to criticize.
    And despise an attention someone else gets.... more »

  • Be Quick About It

    It was not me.
    But you,
    Who made your choices with a choosing done.... more »

  • Be Relieved

    Be relieved.
    At least those criticisms,
    Once directed to you...
    Will not be as severe.... more »

  • Be Restricted To Do This For Months

    For one hour of mental and physical stress,
    One should take a full day...
    To just sit and relax with the getting of rest.... more »

  • Be Straight

    Don't condescend,
    When there is no need to be.
    Choose to be straight.
    Decide to be upfront and direct.... more »

  • Be Thankful

    Whatever you believe,
    In your life that is missed.
    Whatever it is,
    You wished you had... more »

  • Be That Man!

    You Don't know how much I can care!
    Do yah?
    Do yah?
    Do ya do yah do yah!... more »

  • Be The Best You Can

    If there is one thing you can do better,
    Than anyone else can prove they can do...
    To reflect not on them but just upon you,
    Is to be the best you can.... more »

  • Be The C.E.O. Of It

    Handle your own business.
    With an expertise,
    You keep.
    And be the C.E.O. of it.... more »

  • Be The Giver To Deliver

    Given to receive and leave unsatisfied.
    Expect that from the spoiled ones.
    Who wont say 'thank you' for what's done.... more »

  • Be The One

    Be you the one,
    Who remains to stay alert.
    Cautious and observant.
    To the atmosphere.... more »

  • Be The One To Leave (Positive Opinions)

    Positive opinions,
    When they are given...
    Can be the only medicine needed,
    To uplift to leave a benefit.... more »

  • Be There...To Love. Committed

    Be there...
    To love.
    Preferences and love,... more »

  • Be To You, True

    Be to you,
    With a doing of you,
    No one but you can do to be.... more »

  • Be Tough!

    Don't pick up any rocks...
    To thrown them.
    Put them down.... more »

  • Be Unafraid To Make Mistakes

    Not deciding for yourself,
    Who or what you wish to be...
    Is no reason why you should,
    Make comparisons that could...... more »

  • Be Well

    Be well.
    Stay honest and confident 'within'.
    Remember, what ever is outside of yourself...
    You are in it and not of it.... more »