• Quickies

    Your nipples once sat lifted
    As gifts you shared with me.
    You let me lick dripping moisture then...
    When they glistened in sunlight with glee,... more »

  • 'Quickies' Upon My Heart

    Where IS your lover?
    That significant 'other'?
    You can not be here,
    Without an attachment near?... more »

  • Quickly Assessed To Suspect

    If one's intelligence was a defense used against,
    The strangle hold of an increasing ignorance...
    And events associated to its prominence.
    To end with a smothering of common sense.... more »

  • Quickly Delivered

    It's not polite to slam the door,
    On the face of one who aggravates!
    Invite them in...
    And push them out the window instead!... more »

  • Quickly It Began

    Suddenly you're there...
    In my heart.
    In my heart as if,
    You had 'always' been there.... more »

  • Quickly Obsolete

    A relevance,
    To keep it kept relevant.
    Is difficult today to maintain.
    Once to perceive a relevance had,... more »

  • Quickly Produced

    The same people,
    Who make decisions...
    With them to intend.
    Are often the very same people,... more »

  • Quickness Of Life

    Death is going on...
    To replenish what's be taken!
    To fulfill a wish,
    That was untimely aborted.... more »

  • Quicksand Under Your Feet Sinks

    It is quite wonderful,
    You would want the beliefs you keep...
    To be correct.
    I think it to be commendable.... more »

  • Quiet Are The Mockingbirds

    Quiet are the mockingbirds.
    Stopping their mocking,
    Of others with appearances...
    Different from theirs.... more »

  • Quiet Family Discussions

    How and why,
    Can anyone feel justified...
    For decisions they had made.
    But today,... more »

  • Quiet Hours

    Until those quiet hours come,
    Before dawn and midnight passes.
    Peace to know it as it is to last,
    Will be kept as a wish.... more »

  • Quiet Thunder

    There is nothing quite like,
    The roar of a quiet thunder.
    To feel and be aware,
    Of its penetrating silence.... more »

  • Quiet Womb

    Yearned it has been and earned,
    This peace I keep released inside.
    And to feed upon thoughts,
    To me fed privately...... more »

  • Quieted Lips

    At one time,
    He was rumored to be unqualified.
    Not only is he qualified...
    He puts others to shame.... more »

  • Quieting Their Egos And Putting Out Their 'Lights'

    It takes more than a winning attitude,
    To actually produce a win.
    Some believe it is owed to them.
    Those accustomed to adulation.... more »

  • Quilled By Feathered Pens

    Those with embellished delusions,
    About keeping entitlements...
    Perceived to be constitutionally amended,
    To protect them and their rights...... more »

  • Quit And Think About Tomorrow

    No you can't fool me.
    I don't easily buy it.
    And no you can't fool me.
    I'm looking right in your eyes.... more »

  • Quit With Nothing Said

    When nothing makes sense anymore,
    Make this an opportunity...
    To free yourself from attempts,
    Of being intelligent about it.... more »

  • Quit Your Obsession With This

    When is enough enough?

    When too much of it,
    Has been determined...... more »

  • Quite A Fantastic Pair

    As I grow older...
    The wisdom of my parents,
    Has increased by leaps and bounds.
    I find myself listening to them more now...... more »

  • 'Quite A Few'

    Thieves greedy and corrupted,
    May not get the message...
    Until they are crushed and busted.... more »

  • Quite Clever But Not Unique

    With no thought to think,
    Those who cut and paste...
    Assume a creativity is taking place.
    With a re-arrangement done,... more »

  • Quitting

    Quit it.
    That routine proving no benefit.
    Stop to quit it.
    A wish to get.... more »

  • Quitting To Make Predictions

    Never it is to be too late.
    To stay aware and be pro-active.
    With a consciousness,
    Awakened and prepared...... more »