• Replaced By A Hasted Waste

    Has the season of crooks come to an end?
    Are people finally awakening,
    To witness these actions as actual sins?
    Nothing is gained in fulfillment long term...... more »

  • Replaced By Awareness

    Examining to explore,
    Beyond my comfort zone...
    Can be attributed to my condoning,
    An acceptance of differences.... more »

  • Replaced By Suspicion

    It was stated to them then,
    How they underestimated...
    Feelings that had been readily given.... more »

  • Replayed In A Staleness Saved

    Those remembering yesterday who said it is never too late...
    Are those today who say how fast time has passed.
    With wishes they had not sat to watch it,
    Leave them and their procrastinations...... more »

  • Replenish And Dispense

    Black, thick and slick.
    And let us pray those in charge of it,
    Don't allow the prices to go uncontrolled.
    If they do...... more »

  • Report

    What is report?
    Report is established,
    Not demanded.
    Seduction to manipulate... more »

  • Repossess The Basicness Of Life

    Separate 'things'
    From your evaluation of happiness.
    Repossess the basicness of life...
    If you can remember how that time was spent.... more »

  • Repossessed Ambitions

    Not too many today can afford to sit,
    With aged old depictions...
    Who creates their conflicts...... more »

  • Representative Of Their Best Reflections

    Civilities and public petty bickerings,
    Steadily exposes those most affected...
    With a need to tear themselves apart.
    And explains why a mental illness,... more »

  • Representatives From The Kingdom Of Crack

    You have trespassed my property.
    And boldly stand in my backyard,
    With demands that I step down...
    From my position as Head of Household?... more »

  • Represented

    Popular although illiterate,
    May gain one empathy votes.
    But to declare someone like this,
    Competent to lead?... more »

  • Represented By Observation

    People do not listen with intent to comprehend.
    People hear what they want to.
    Even if the words they hear were never mentioned.... more »

  • Represented By Pseudonyms

    There are more people represented by pseudonyms,
    Giving their unsolicited opinions...
    To then have themselves declared influential,
    With an achieving of a recognition...... more »

  • Represented In Some Capacity

    I can not say I am multi-lingual.
    I can say I am more culturally aware,
    Of the diversity that shares the offerings...... more »

  • Representing All Of Life

    Stereotypes no longer thrive,
    As realities for them anymore.
    There are too many avenues,
    Where truth is revealed and oozes.... more »

  • Representing Our Interests

    'They' and 'them',
    Of the thoughtless...
    Greed feeding and selfish kind.
    Who represent the interests...... more »

  • Representing Their Needs

    This hour...
    It is proclaimed,
    Government is wanted,
    Out of their lives!... more »

  • Reproved

    Flat on their backs like flapjacks.
    Rustled and stirred,
    Like they've been attacked by wolves.... more »

  • Reptilian Genes

    It knows it bites.
    But unaware it poisons.
    It knows it victimizes.
    But unsure why it is despised.... more »

  • Repulsed

    More today seem unable to face,
    Any opportunity to be completely honest.
    Repulsed and insulted,
    As if to lose their identity and dignity kept...... more »

  • Requested

    The more a people are heard,
    Routinely groaning to moan...
    About being oppressed,
    The more they look for it done.... more »

  • Requesting To Go Through My Eliminations

    If it was not for my efforts,
    You would have nothing in life to do.
    I'm only now beginning to understand,
    How important these moments are for you.... more »

  • Requests Expected

    Often I am asked to read,
    The works of others...
    To then leave comments.
    And I wonder what it is,... more »

  • Requiem

    Far too many are forgiving.
    And sacrificial.
    Positioned to allow,
    Breath as we know it to breathe.... more »

  • Required Prerequisite

    A call to duty,
    Few use refuse.

    It once had been an honor to do it.... more »