• Ridiculous And Too Apparent

    The one thing I have heard,
    From some folks who prefer and like....
    Being thought to be stupid.
    Is observing to watch,... more »

  • Riding Hard On Their Backs

    Charading people under steeples,
    On their knees praying to keep...
    And their bling.... more »

  • Riding High On Deluded Clouds

    Riding high on deluded clouds.
    And allowed with permission,
    To lie, deceive and distort truth.
    Done to continue living,... more »

  • Riding High On Your Horse

    What are you doing...
    Riding high on your horse.

    'I am hoping to find 'someone',... more »

  • Riding In A Circle

    I keep...
    Riding in a circle.
    I keep...
    Repeating those,... more »

  • Riding On Coat-Tails

    Riding on coat-tails,
    Is a movement hard to keep up.
    Prevailing to ride when times are tough,
    No longer muffles with a buffering to hush.... more »

  • Riding On My Back!

    I don't concern myself
    With your perceptions
    Of my point of view!
    There is not a pair of shoes... more »

  • Riding Steadfast To Affix

    It has been allowed for those self indulged,
    To drop the talk and conversation stage.
    There have been those who couldn't sit,
    When the time had arrived to permit unlimited...... more »

  • Riding Undenied To Sit High On A Saddle

    The tragedies that continue to plague,
    A people delusioned with beliefs...
    Approved and ignored as being okay,
    To prey on those innocent...... more »

  • Right Before Their Clouded Eyes

    Kept high on fantasies most of their lives,
    People like this will never accept it to realize...
    A reality to keep believed.
    As a drugging done has been too effective!... more »

  • Right In The Place Where 'They' Live

    People who did it had no idea,
    That I loved every moment...
    When they were smearing my name,
    By the making of their false claims.... more »

  • Right Now

    Right now...
    It does not matter that it is,
    Or that it is what it is.
    Maybe to you a point of view,... more »

  • Right Now I Feel A Chill

    And your 'ALL ABOUT ME' attitude bores.
    Your self obsession with self and 'exterior' virtues...
    Have stretched beyond limits.... more »

  • Right Side Of Left

    Right side of left,
    Is my mind sometimes.
    Thoughts too correct,
    Needing to bend at times.... more »

  • Rights Of The Victim

    Rights of the victim:

    To forgive...
    With a choice to remember,... more »

  • Rights To Be Destructive

    What kind of fools are we?
    Made to believe,
    A way of life and its diversity.
    Is deserving to be destroyed,... more »

  • Rigid

    One's life to live,
    Less tolerant of b.s. to accept it.
    May be thought by some,
    As rigid.... more »

  • Ripe For Heartbreak And Fresh To Hurt

    So bare and naked lay my emotions.
    Exposed and out in the open,
    For you to abuse if you decided...
    That to me you would do.... more »

  • Ripened

    But on a wrong tree done.
    This hybrid thinks it to be pure,
    And naturally sweet.... more »

  • Ripened Juveniles

    Overpopulated by gameplayers,
    Who have played out to squeeze fresh energy...
    From a climate left brimming on the rim with a hope,
    That an awakening snaps these jokesters to loosen their grasp...... more »

  • Rise Of Pettiness

    The rise of pettiness,
    Has left so many people...
    With minds stunted.
    In limitations to live.... more »

  • 'Rise To Greatness'

    There is something to be said about those
    Who believe they can solicit themselves
    Into obtaining attention, notoriety and fame.
    Having little talent for what it is they perform.... more »

  • Rising Cost At Their Expense

    People awake today,
    Seek results...
    For the increasing rise,
    Of their taxes enforced to pay.... more »

  • Rising To Another Level

    Rising to another level.
    And cleansed from the bullshit,
    Other folks shoveled...
    I can be abrasive I admit to that!... more »

  • Risk

    Peddling influence
    Among thieves
    And trying to find explanations
    For failed connections!... more »