• Troubled Minds

    How many people will find,
    In their minds they've been confined.
    And that a wasting of time,
    Has them now admitting who committed the crime.... more »

  • Troubled Waters

    Captain? "

    What is it now?... more »

  • Troubles

    Those troubles I have not.
    To keep a frown upon my mouth.
    And with an ease to have them seen,
    As if I let them get to me.... more »

  • Trounce It At The Curb

    Claimed it is too painful,
    To face the past some say.
    Yet held within their grasp to hold,
    Is that past they keep portrayed.... more »

  • Trudging Through Reality

    The roughest part of living life,
    Is trudging through reality.
    Some prefer to identify as obstacles.
    With determined faith to have them erased.... more »

  • True And Sincere

    If my love satisfied...
    I wanted to please you.
    If I was by your side,
    To aid and comfort you... more »

  • True Faces

    Never keep it unreal to feel.
    If it isn't.
    Or try to appeal,
    With a concealing an indifference.... more »

  • True Faith Is Never Replaced

    Live everyday to be bolder.
    Why claim to have a faith,
    If excuses you can't escape.
    But you find time to elaborate,... more »

  • True Freedom

    Freedom imitated,
    Can never be a freedom...
    Manifested to appreciate.
    It would be underrated sooner or later.... more »

  • True Friends

    Some experience a life of true friends.
    The ones they know they can always depend on.

    The bond that begins never ends.... more »

  • True Gems

    Talents associated,
    With money that could be made...
    Comes from minds fixed on dollars and cents.
    And environments with them living within...... more »

  • True Leadership Offends

    A true leadership offends.
    Especially those who have grown,
    To believe...
    Their lack of comprehending it,... more »

  • True Love Is Not Disguised

    If you are here to experience life,
    Believing love to be sugarcoated...
    Without some of it being emotionally
    Noted with bitterness received at times.... more »

  • True Power

    Is power to have it.
    More crucial than a truth.
    Knowing to have it lived.
    And relying upon honesty,... more »

  • True Quality

    Short lived,
    Are bogus moments stolen.
    And a spotlight gained,
    Under false pretense...... more »

  • True, Tried And Outdated

    Nothing comes to be improved,
    By renovating to redo...
    That which has been,
    True, tried and outdated.... more »

  • Trust

    Noticed by more today,
    And becoming ignored.... more »

  • Trust Assumed

    Shared space
    With someone
    Who knows what it takes...
    To have honesty relayed to give,... more »

  • Trust Busted

    Where does one go,
    To heal and mend...
    A ruined reputation.
    Attacked and based upon lies.... more »

  • Trust Is One's Valued Investment

    When trust is lost...
    It is gone.

    Some unaccustomed,... more »

  • Trust Issues

    The accusers do what they have always done best!
    Find someone to blame for their own mess.
    Get others to agree to their false charges.
    People find in time that they have been duped.... more »

  • Trust Me! This Is Not A Dichotomy

    Trust me.
    When I get through with you...
    You are going to wish,
    You had not spent your time... more »

  • Trust Those Feelings Of Lust

    And follow your heart.
    Be tempted to cover yourself with smut.
    Then get over it.
    At least the doing of it will satisfy quicker,... more »

  • Trust Your Mind

    Trust your mind,
    Before rushing to your heart...
    To uncover a rational decision,
    That satisfies any reason...... more »

  • Trust. Not.

    Anything somebody says,
    To plant and keep inside your head.... more »