• We'Ll Find Someone Else To Blame

    'Suppose those newly elected,
    Can not fulfill their promises...
    By the next election.
    What happens then? '... more »

  • We'Ll See How That Goes

    Had you ever felt offended,
    By receiving an invitation from an enterprise...
    Who initially did not seek your presence inside.
    Where others who patronize were welcomed to sit.... more »

  • Wept Upon My Knees And Pleaded

    I feel so weak that I can't come to believe it,
    That it's...
    All you,... more »

  • We'Re That Kind Of A Pair

    You've got me.
    And that matters.
    We can skip idle chatter.
    And what makes nitpickers tick.... more »

  • Were You Afraid I Would Leave You Behind?

    You have spent a lifetime...
    Trying to prevent my progress.
    And the only thing you have displayed,
    Is a willfulness to degrade yourself.... more »

  • Were Your Knickers In A Twist

    Did you purposely,
    Block my access?
    So I can stay away,
    From my assets?... more »

  • Weren'T You Once Addicted?

    Is there anything left to believe in,
    Thought to be sacred...
    Free of corruption?
    And not have its values based upon deceit?... more »

  • Wet And On Foot

    Your replacements have arrived!
    Those of you who shucked and jived,
    With shuffled shtick that got you stuck...
    In a way of life endorsed by fat back chats,... more »

  • Wetness

    Keeping it a thought you detest...
    Is a kept confession,
    You love wetness.... more »

  • We'Ve All Been Greedy

    Those peaceful nights for some have passed.
    Those feeling safe...
    In sheltered communities behind closed gates.
    Are awakening.... more »

  • We'Ve Been This Distant

    Did we not say goodnight
    When the clock tick tocked
    And you could not stop
    Watching it pass us in silence?... more »

  • We'Ve Been Trying 'Everything' To Get Noticed

    There are more unidentified flying objects in the sky,
    People can not deny they exist anymore.
    Even the 'aliens' have begun to land them,
    To sit on front doors requesting from the occupants...... more »

  • We'Ve Cut Back

    Why is it always those 'with' the money,
    Attempting to convince the ones living...
    On a fixed and unchanging income,
    Without a dime left to spare...... more »

  • We'Ve Paid Not To Listen To Your Opinions

    Don't be astonished you've become admonished,
    By those conditioned with dispositions...
    To ride carefree and comfortably on cushioned seats,
    As if tourists on a bus after throwing those they've cussed...... more »

  • Wh? Y Question What Appears

    Wh? y question what appears apparent and obvious.
    With the hope that a doing clears,
    To weaken the strength of an influence done.
    And fears kept to go on to feel with them claimed,... more »

  • Whacked (Bananas)

    You can not,
    Help it if you're whacked.
    Oh no you can not help it,... more »

  • Whalloped!

    With a zinging zap that pows!
    A punch comes with a knockout...
    That wows and stops to awe a crowd.... more »

  • What A Bitter Bite

    Superficiality sustained to maintain,
    As a priority to gain acceptance...
    Is today as stale as a piece of molded toast.... more »

  • What A Brilliant Idea

    Their wish to see others fail,
    Apparently has been successful.

    'Why would you say something like that? '... more »

  • What A Difference Reality Makes

    What a difference reality makes.
    Those who once chased rainbows...
    Have suddenly put on the brakes!... more »

  • What A Logical Explanation

    A posh and elegant home,
    Sitting in a setting...
    That is clearly amongst the best.
    An unrest occurs.... more »

  • What A Remarkable Achievement

    What has been done,
    Has been done.
    What has been said,
    Has been said.... more »

  • 'What A Terrific Halloween Poem! '

    A madness affects their sensibilities.
    And within them the light of a good spirit dies.
    Attempts have been made and tried to reach them.
    But time, unfortunately, is not on their side.... more »

  • What A Writer Has To Say

    It baffles my understanding.
    Why would one writer
    Ask from another
    To give an opinion of what has been created?... more »

  • What About Me?

    Have I not been able to give,
    In the way that I should?
    Could I have shown more thoughtfulness,
    With a doing for others who understood.... more »