• What The Significance Of Having Them Means

    The act of participating in rituals,
    Has become more important...
    Than why those rituals were established,
    In the first place.... more »

  • What They Did To Have Done

    How valid is an argument to pick,
    With anyone who admits...
    The making of mistakes to have made.
    And unafraid to say,... more »

  • What They Do Best

    They complain of a lack of involvement,
    But have chosen to qualify those
    Who wish to become involved.
    And when no one wants to become involved...... more »

  • What They Had To Do To Accomplish

    If I had NOT be taught,
    Very early in my childhood...
    That a good life to live,
    Involves a doing of it...... more »

  • What They Know

    Most people, not all...
    Seem to be affected,
    By wanting an attention to get.
    And they can not, will not and wont,... more »

  • What They See Being Done Publicly

    Why is everyone alarmed and up with arms?
    I don't understand.
    What is there to disbelieve?
    A re-enactment of their individual capabilities?... more »

  • What They 'see'...Is Ez

    Some folks are just not cut out...
    To do what they perceive,
    To be as easy as they believe.... more »

  • What They Wish Others To Believe

    No one can dismiss truth.
    Although the realness of it...
    Is often diminished.
    By those unaccustomed,... more »

  • What This 'Oneness' Means

    No one born into this life,
    Has been sent to evaluate...
    The creations of God.
    Or the work of the Angels,... more »

  • What Time It Is

    An awakening done by anyone discovering,
    The day, month and year to them that comes...
    Are all connected together to help understand,
    What time it is.... more »

  • What To Do

    What to do.
    Better done with it did done.
    What to do.
    Better done with it did done.... more »

  • What To Them Had Been Mentioned

    The doing of that which has been done to do,
    With a doing to be dismissed and not approved...
    But exposed and often too!
    Should not later be discovered to then upset,... more »

  • What To You Has Been Done

    Where have you come from?
    To have gained such confidence?
    And with a pride you stride,
    With an identity to mesmerize?... more »

  • What Today I Must Do

    Again I am given,
    Another day to age and witness.
    Another day to know I am blessed and protected,
    With a faith that God accepts.... more »

  • What Tomorrow Brings

    I may not know what tomorrow brings.
    But one thing I do remember about yesterday.
    Is this...
    It left a mess that has yet disappeared.... more »

  • What Truth Was

    So much truth for the youth,
    Has gone unknown.
    These days it makes no difference,
    What Truth Was to have meant to be.... more »

  • What Upsets

    If what is wished to get,
    Is not wanted and disappoints.
    Yet is left to annoy.
    Why do more protest,... more »

  • What Upsets About His Leadership

    What upsets about his leadership?
    He is extremely competent.
    And many can not get over it.... more »

  • What Was Done

    What you did...
    Hurt me and you knew it.
    What was done,... more »

  • What Was Done To Enjoy And Experience

    So fast and quick...
    These moments of time bestowed,
    Upon us to live.
    Coming to briefly with us sit.... more »

  • What Was Given Away

    What was given away,
    Is now desired back.
    And those who now posess what was given...
    Can not be blamed for laughing at that.... more »

  • What Was Said To The Horse

    I may not have heard,
    Words spoken from others...
    Directly said to the horse.
    Had been true or not.... more »

  • What Was There To Lose

    What was there to lose.
    Self respect?
    What was there to lose.
    A lack of discipline to neglect?... more »

  • What We Both Need

    You anger me when I see you in despair.
    Because I know that is not where you wish to be.
    You have the tools to lift yourself up.
    But somehow you have chosen,... more »

  • What We Do Completes

    Inside of you,
    I feel safe to pollenate.
    And my seeding you receive,
    Willfully and with an acceptance...... more »