• Conducted Privately

    I guess they thought,
    Through my actions...
    I sought their attention.
    But how could that be?... more »

  • Confessed And Detested

    No one should have their hands out,
    Pleading to feed themselves.
    Too many today live in total gluttony! ~
    And troubles we have are blamed on someone else!... more »

  • Confession

    Not until it is openly addressed.
    That those who lied to themselves,
    And to others.
    What they did with intention to do.... more »

  • Confessions

    I'm suppose to be cool,
    With your confessions made...
    Of digressions intended,
    To have me appear to be your fool?... more »

  • Confessions Of A Crook

    I did it.
    And as soon as my book,
    'Confessions Of A Crook' is published...... more »

  • Confessions Of Regret

    There are those who choose to 'use' others,
    In belief this process moves them ahead...
    With a taking such steps to get attention.
    And to impress the ones left behind...... more »

  • Confidence

    Not easily refined or defined,
    Is confidence.
    Nor is it cropped to pluck,
    Off from a Sun drenched vine.... more »

  • Confidence And Faith

    I awaken each morning,
    To be grateful as I pray...
    For this experience of life given.
    With it known I will face,... more »

  • Confidence Level

    Keep digging.
    It has got to be found.
    We have already reported to the media,
    A sighting of it has been detected.... more »

  • Confidence To Pride

    I sought many years ago,
    To stop thinking of myself...
    As one I should first please and pleasure.
    Although this admission,... more »

  • Confidence?

    You can regain and maintain it.
    Keep it treasured and close to your chest.
    Disconnect from the affects of stress.... more »

  • Confidential

    The who.
    The what.
    Why where and when.
    No longer if one chooses,... more »

  • Confined And Limited

    As long as the affects
    Would damage their ethnic heritage...
    They were allowed,
    To degrade and disrespect themselves.... more »

  • Confined As If Blinded

    Confined as if blinded,
    They join to follow behind...
    The ones addicted,
    To self importance and incompetence.... more »

  • Confined To Unlimited Contradictions

    Judges sitting in pews,
    To do before pulpits raised.
    Declaring themselves,
    Faithful to a belief with it seen done.... more »

  • Confined Within Walls Too Thick To Chip

    Their own beliefs drove them insane.
    With accusations and denials kept,
    Speeding the process.
    Blaming others for their hold on stubbornness,... more »

  • Conflict

    Although difficult it may be,
    To avoid conflict.
    It is best not to be the one,
    Creating it in the first place.... more »

  • Conflict Is All Kids Know

    There is something about protecting to keep,
    A child innocent and away from reality...
    Eventually makes not one bit of sense.... more »

  • Conflict Of Interest

    How can you make such preposterous declarations.
    That I have a conflict of interest?
    When each and every interest I have,
    There is not one conflict...... more »

  • Conflict To Start

    Rushing to spend time,
    Now found to investigate...
    Reasons and why,
    Something one has done...... more »

  • Conflicts Between Them Are Kept

    Gone are the days of Amos 'n Andy.
    But the Step 'n Fetchits,
    Seem to have more descendents around...
    To betray with a staging,... more »

  • Conflicts Of Disinterests

    Even the varying dislikes they have,
    Expressed for one another...
    Have developed into new ways,
    Of disagreements displayed.... more »

  • Conflicts Oversold

    The giving of life,
    Given as blessing to receive...
    Has become for some an opportunity,
    To manipulate, corrupt and deceive.... more »

  • Conflicts Picked To Play

    Blessed are they with kept faith.
    Praying and remaining to do this,
    Everyday to stay that way.... more »

  • Conflicts With Commandments

    One can not escape,
    From their indoctrinated associations.
    Once conditioned and ingrained,
    Images affixed...... more »