• Holding His Hat

    There she sat,
    With her arms around his hat,
    Her face was fool of tears
    And thoughts over flowing with fears,... more »

  • In My Arms Safe From All Harms

    What do you see oh child of mine?
    Could it be that you see the heavens divine?
    You look at the sky
    With a twinkle in your eye,... more »

  • Just A Babe

    Have I a sis. Her name is Evelyn
    She is a gift from heaven.... more »

  • Ode To Cassie

    There stood dear old Charlie,
    And all of us we felt sorry... more »

  • The Fearsome Leader

    Come cows come cows
    The kids yield out loud
    They’re throwing the bread
    Trying to hit the cows head... more »

  • The Only Survivor

    Once upon a time there was a girl
    She liked having her hair in curls
    She was a blond
    And of life she was fond.... more »