• First Snowfall

    the first snow fall.
    the pure sky is falling.
    covering the inadequacies of today and yesterday.
    covering the brown.... more »

  • Hypochondria

    what if
    i am diabetic
    with this
    thirst... more »

  • Lonnie

    he turned to me
    'you have much to see
    in this world that revolves around this sun
    there is so much MORE... more »

  • Lonnie Pt.2

    i hope i will see him again
    this man who spoke of life
    and his dreams to return to school
    he said he was proud... more »

  • Three Weeks Pass

    they said
    she had begun to fall
    down... more »

  • Your Laughingstock

    too ready for friends
    too ready for anything
    but also poor... more »