• Beauty In Darkness

    Its growl echoed across the night sky
    The clap of thunder
    Lightning crackling like electricity
    Rain crashing down on everything insight... more »

  • Burning Emotions

    Anger is a virus
    Slowly killing the person you are
    Ripping all the compassion in you to ash
    Making your heart heavy with hate... more »

  • Let It Burn

    Fire is wild and carefree
    Crackling spontaneously
    The relaxed look of the flames
    As they dance in every direction... more »

  • My Mother

    My mother is like the sun
    Warm and loving
    My mother is like a lion
    Brave and courageous... more »

  • Never Back Down

    The girl froze in her tracks
    A wolf standing before her
    Glaring with its deep golden eyes
    She glared right back... more »