• A Morning Prayer

    Oh god help me on this day,
    Teach me your way.
    Guide me in wisdom
    Guife me in love,... more »

  • A Special Teacher

    a teacher who shoed love and care,
    in whatever she did or said,
    her love speak the wonder of love,
    she is evergreen - she is the love of every teen,... more »

  • Clown

    When my heart's beat goes uo and down
    I feel like i am a clown
    Who always forwns.
    Then one day a girl came to me and asked: ''why are you so sad? ''... more »

  • Hapiness Is On Your Way This Day

    Hapiness is on your way,
    Waiting for you everyday.
    A little here a little there,
    Oh come lets spread it every where.... more »

  • Light

    L- LOVE
    I- ILLITRATE [teaching the illitrate]
    H-HARDWORK... more »

  • Love

    Love is something that you give it away,
    and it bounces back to you
    Have you ever fell in love,
    May be you would say no but yes I do... more »

  • Poor People

    Poor people sit at the door,
    and plead, could i have a rice bowl?
    We say get lost from here!
    Have you ever thought how much the poor person will fear,... more »

  • Pray To God

    Pray to God each day,
    Say him that I am sorry
    for all I do and say,
    Ask his blessings... more »

  • Put A Smile Upon Your Face

    Put a smile upon your face,
    close your eyes and wish a thing,
    and you will see a light upon the beam,
    Your wish will come true that i say,... more »

  • Winter's Love

    Winter, has the charm of life,
    Winter, is like my wife.
    Winter is my love,
    Winter is my dream of always ''wow''... more »