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When my heart's beat goes uo and down
I feel like i am a clown
Who always forwns.
Then one day a girl came to me and asked: ''why are you so sad? ''... more »


Love is something that you give it away,
and it bounces back to you
Have you ever fell in love,
May be you would say no but yes I do... more »

Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Put a smile upon your face,
close your eyes and wish a thing,
and you will see a light upon the beam,
Your wish will come true that i say,... more »

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God The Wonderful 19 Jan 2008 10:33
Good poems! ! ! I love the best ''Hapiness is on your way this day'' and ''Pray to god''. Excellent work, Leah. Youv'e got talent of writing prayer. A wonderful job! !
Matilda Dsouza 16 Jan 2008 06:04
i liked all your poem. they wre really wonderful! ! ! ! could you email me some of your poems? i really liked them