I'm Leani Auxilio. Call me Yani, or Nikki (childhood nickname which stuck; very long story) .
Currently residing in New York, I've been here for almost two years now, and I'm studying to be a (hopefully) successful filmmaker and such. I'm taking a break from all that right now though. Poetry and writing in general has always been my first passion, and I want to rediscover myself.
I'm actually very nervous joining a site to make my written stuff public. I haven't written in ages (translation: since high school, which was more or less three years ago) , so do forgive me if the poems I first put up will sound very (for lack of a better term) lame. They're ones I used to really like when I still wrote. Gradually I will write newer ones and they will sound less... lame. :)

Praise for my work is highly appreciated (haha, obviously) and constructive criticism will be taken into account. I'll probably contact you countless times with the subject 'WAAAAAAH PLEASE HELP ME I DON'T WANT TO SUCK AT THIS.'

Or somewhere along that line. Haha. Let's get along well, okay? : D


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