• A Mothers Love

    what could be more important than a mothers love
    her personal needs are set aside its me shes thinking of
    not just my gardisn angel but a friend i cant deny
    shes there when im happy and wipes my tears away when i cry... more »

  • I Love You

    i want to tell you how i feel but im so afraid you'll laugh
    and if you laughed when i told you it would break my heart in half
    i want to do more things with you because i love you so
    and when i ask you to do these things i die if you said no... more »

  • Im Still Me

    you might think you got inside my head just because a few words i said
    see i gotta keep up this look
    but ya'll dont know what ya'll took
    you may have took my man, my friends but not my pride... more »