• A Secret Lover...

    It all started through a friend,
    but now its driving me round the bend,
    i don't know what i feel inside,
    i just cant get you off my mind!... more »

  • Changes....

    You aint the one i used to know,
    Your greater and wiser and beyond control,
    I love you with my heart content,
    Baby you dont need my concent,... more »

  • Cup Of Tea

    It goes in dry, it comes out wet!
    The longer its in, the stronger it gets,... more »

  • Life...

    Life... its a big world out there, knowing what to do, its hard! ,
    we think were all alone... but really were surrounded by millions of people,
    whats next, thats it, we think we plan ahead, but do you really know whats going to happen to you after you have finished reading this?
    you probly think you do know, but what if you trip, bump into something, even get run over by a double decker bus...... more »

  • My Child...

    My child, my child,
    where did you go?
    up to heaven? or pulled down below?
    In a dark ally way where people walk by, kicking and screaming trying not to cry!... more »

  • Our Princess Diana

    You came to us in a fairytale way, when you married prince Charles on your wedding day!
    You wanted your husband to love you so much, it showed in your kiss it showed in your touch!
    Prince william was born how proud we could see, prince Charles, princess diana and william made three,
    You were both together when prince Harry came along, but your feelings were changing, love wasn't so strong,... more »