I like to write dark and deep poems. I want people to understand me. So far, nobody does. I'd like to get a lot of feedback on my poems. I want to find a broken spirit like me to help me go on. I'm crazy romantic. I believe that one day I'll find my soul mate. Wherever you are, know that I'm looking... Anyway... I like old black and white movies, but it's more fun to watch them while snuggling up against someone you love.

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Learning to love dispair Poems

The Blood Of A Child

She sits in class
stares ahead
Like broken glass
her eyes are dead.... more »


Emo is my label
don't call me by my name.
Spare me your pity
my demons are not tame.... more »

Drip, Drip, Drip...

Take the razor
make the cut
I'm not scared
My eyes are shut... more »

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