• A Story Time Elf

    A story time Elf appear in my class
    Yes, he wore a pretty good disguise!
    He look just like- an ordinary boy
    A pass in, say these words with joy... more »

  • Pandora

    These unpreditable inclinations, must we try to cope.
    Stop! Stop! your sadness, forsake us no more.
    We call upon you our lady of great hope.
    Please pull back your dark wavy hair.... more »

  • Silver Strands

    I found some silver strands resting on my pillow
    Old Mother time taunts me, like dreadful weeping willow
    I found more silver long strands dancing on my shoulder
    Yes, constant sad reminder; I’m much much older... more »

  • The Walnut

    Lumber together with sturdy might
    So roomy, a treasure fit for family joys
    Yet graciously she stood a promising sight
    Enough room for husband, wife, two girls, and two boys... more »

  • Undoubted Student

    When a pupil unlearn a reflection of misconception
    is like a brown pointed thorn
    A known mental harm definitive with impulsiveness
    takes over... more »