• A Teacher's Prayer For The Lost Children

    The child who hides behind laughter
    The child who reaches out with tears
    The child who no one looks after
    Who runs away when someone nears... more »

  • A To Zero

    Ripped bones
    Broken flesh
    Fresh wounds
    Warm, pulsing... more »

  • Black Ink

    I take my pen
    And outline each of the stains
    My tears left on the paper... more »

  • Butterfly On Bruise

    Sapphire on midnight
    On wings that waltz,
    Polka, two-step, and jig
    Then land on my arm... more »

  • Craving Amnesia

    I wish I couldn’t remember

    The resonance of your voice,
    Your silly laugh,... more »

  • Day's Decline

    Time fell into a hole in the ground.
    The ground sucked hard
    But it needn't have exerted itself.
    Time was willing.... more »

  • Desiduous Dream

    Pull back the death,
    Let it fall,
    Detritus bound;
    Reveal the power,... more »

  • Don'T Make The River Home

    Don’t make the river home.
    Rivers can turn wild,
    Tossing you about with no care for how you land,
    Bashing your bones once you do.... more »

  • Escape

    To lie down in soft, quiet green;
    A sheltering shield of tall grass walls;
    Cerulean ceiling above;
    Head under cloud pillows;... more »

  • Essential Lullaby

    When you and I are drunk
    With purple dream
    No cunning guile enough to draw us
    From melted honey music... more »

  • Fiendish Friends

    Each hour brings a new demon,
    More tortuous than the last.
    They stab me, rip my flesh,
    Pour alcohol in the open wounds.... more »

  • Growth, Overgrowth, Undergrowth

    </>A vine grew up around me.
    It sounds fantastical, I know, but
    It's true.
    At first I liked it:... more »

  • Hades To Persephone

    Tell me that you weren’t hungry that day.
    Tell me that’s not what got you to stay.
    Seven seeds don’t seem like quite enough
    Reason to leave a mother’s deep love.... more »

  • Hanging Toes

    Standing on the edge of a cliff;
    Toes hanging over the edge;
    Ahead, a view that reaches in
    To grab all breath away;... more »

  • Hit & Run Heartbreaker

    I need a defensive driving course
    And to increase my insurance,
    But seriously...
    Short of staying off the road,... more »

  • Invocation

    He is gazing from the window
    A colour behind the curtain

    You wait at the garden gate... more »

  • Light Heart

    I hung your heart in my window
    For the sun and moon to dance in;
    Spinning matter,
    Shimmying music,... more »

  • Liquid Catalyst

    Boil me down
    To my most essential,
    Drink me
    OR... more »

  • Lost Treasure

    The shards of light
    That delicately
    Shimmered and dazzled into
    The distance... more »

  • Mean Mistress Moon

    My head had howled
    With the words whirling
    Through it that night
    As we sailed swiftly... more »

  • Ophelia

    I saw a little girl once, standing in the rain.
    Her dress was streaked with water,
    Her face was streaked with pain.... more »

  • Ophelia Flies

    Through earthbound dreams her feet have traveled;
    Along the planet’s surface, forced to crawl;
    Or to struggle against the water or sink under it...
    Until tonight, this different night,... more »

  • Ophelia, Part Three

    A moon captured
    Sea angel
    Me approach... more »

  • Ophelia, Part Two

    Under the water

    It doesn’t feel wet.
    It just feels heavy... more »

  • Potential Waste

    Uncut key
    Lost in the sidewalk grate
    Glints the light back upward,
    Calling smooth metallic voice.... more »