• Ask The Vulture

    Ask the vulture, she sure knows the end of war;
    Ask the Hyena, she´s often been at famineś door;
    Go to Gold Coast, you´d find some Castleś gatekeeper
    Telling of ancestral tales of Slavery and apartheid;... more »

  • God, Man And Nature

    God, man and nature-
    Or Time, Life and Immortality-
    Don't I have a murmur
    Against you beneath the sun's canopy?... more »

  • Now You Are Old

    Now you´re old, you no longer need the mirror
    Who shows you only what you want to see;
    Embrace the self you have long made a stranger
    To your identity- your religion, heritage and ancestry;... more »

  • We Asked

    We asked but received not; we knocked, was pretty hard felt,
    But the door hasn't opened since Adam; we asked amiss?
    Need we walk the Sahara this long from the Congo's dazzling belt?
    We sow, others reap; we buy others use; you build another inhabits;... more »

  • Why I Am Here

    I know I cannot come back again to life and choice,
    After the two different paths seeking my attention-
    I could leave the narrow way, not lend my pen or voice
    To the needy, not stay right nor oppose oppression;... more »