• Forever And A Day

    No words can describe
    a feeling such as this
    I knew the moment I held you
    and sealed it with a kiss... more »

  • Letting Go.

    Why is it we have no control
    over the control some people have on us?
    I'm told they only have
    the contol we let them have.... more »

  • Modern Love

    Your beauty is unmatched
    by all that I see.
    The way you move,
    so gracefully.... more »

  • My Friend

    When my heart ached
    I called on you to dry my tears.
    When I was affraid
    I called on you to calm my fears.... more »

  • Your Words

    Like a razor slashing at my flesh,
    they cut into my very soul.
    Do you hear what you say?
    So harsh, so cold!... more »