I was born in New Jersey,1971. And I'm still here (don't laugh) .It's really not that bad of a state live in (while your sleeping) . I spend alot of my time with my family (mother, nieces and my children) . I like motocross riding, scuba diving and spinning wrenches on my stang. I was married once but divorced now for 8 years. I thought I was in love. I thought wrong. It wasn't until last year I found out what it was like to truly love a woman with all of my heart. A woman I will love Forever And A Day.... I only wish the feeling was mutual.


Lee Coombs Poems

My Friend

When my heart ached
I called on you to dry my tears.
When I was affraid
I called on you to calm my fears.... more »

Forever And A Day

No words can describe
a feeling such as this
I knew the moment I held you
and sealed it with a kiss... more »

Modern Love

Your beauty is unmatched
by all that I see.
The way you move,
so gracefully.... more »

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