• 1972

    all those people now 42
    let's think back to 1972
    what a year we were born
    can't remember much at all... more »

  • 1976

    i remember the spring seventy six
    when mods n rockers ruled brits
    all drugs were smoking
    sex was the vogue thing... more »

  • 3 Birdie Ones Feeding A Bird & 2 More Cheap Poems

    bird walks into a pub
    asks bar person for some grub
    this may indeed seem a joke... more »

  • About Me About You

    this is a poem about me
    first of my name is lee
    i'm forty two going on three
    cause i'm not selfish you see... more »

  • Achilles Heel

    today i saw a fetus
    upon my Facebook page
    reminded me of lady Thetis
    Achilles mother, he'd upstage... more »

  • Achoo (The Sneeze)

    achoo achoo achoo
    how are you
    im ok tar
    how is your mar... more »

  • Act 1 Scene 1 Romeo, Juliet And There Merry Maid

    Juliet- Romeo, Romeo where art thou thee?
    Romeo- i'm in the lounge playing on wii
    Juliet- Romeo, Romeo when thou bequeath
    Romeo- Carry on like this two black eyes and no teeth... more »

  • Acton Scott Museum

    people used to ask whats a pig
    say its like a sheep
    but without the wig
    people asked me whats a sheep... more »

  • Adam & Eve

    stunning young lass called Eve
    said to young Adam ni-eve
    his fig leaf rose up
    Eves fig leaf went yup... more »

  • Alcholic Anonymous

    sent photograph to alcoholic anonymous
    asking for some help
    hope they look at my abdominis
    as i'm looking like a elk... more »

  • Alcohol Anonymous

    got bit of a problem (slurp)
    yes i like me drinks (burp)
    it makes me hobble (slurp)
    and breath it stinks (burp)... more »

  • Alfonso

    a stargazer called Alfonso
    studied the stars after libido
    although not precise
    with his inaccurate advice... more »

  • Ali Bongos

    went to Ali bongos
    music stall down street
    living in the Congo's
    then he got itchy feet... more »

  • Alien From Mars

    once was alien from mars
    who didn't like our cars
    with green antenna
    said 'wouldn't give you a ten-a'... more »

  • Aliens Different To My Norm

    really must write a poem
    of a different kind
    not one at all rude
    then i'll get it signed... more »

  • All Abreast

    come touch my breasts
    slowly caress
    kneading them slowly
    watch them wiggle so holy... more »

  • Allergic Too Feathers

    walked into a newsagents
    for a bar of snickers
    parrot started argument
    shouted out 'oh knickers'... more »

  • An Unpassionate Night

    standing in the doorway
    in her see through lingerie
    thought about our trip to Norway
    and shop that sold patisserie... more »

  • Angry Wife

    a vile man from cost cutter
    told angry wife your a nutter
    you've burnt the chips
    plus all of this... more »

  • Anne Boleyn

    the queen of England Anne Boleyn
    was renowned for a bit of whore-in
    certainly no ravishing beauty
    although thought herself fruity... more »

  • Anne Marie The Au Pair

    lovely girl Anne Marie
    would do most things for free
    she'd clean up the house
    look after your spouse... more »

  • Anne Of Cleves

    Anne of Cleves
    (Queen of England 1515-57)... more »

  • Annoying Blue Bottle

    today i saw a blue bottle
    it swooped and startled me
    so i whacked it one full throttle
    upon page number three... more »

  • Annoying Cold Call

    ring, ring went the annoying phone
    'I'm from Everest, any windows for home? '
    with a reluctant face
    i listened intently to Grace... more »

  • Annoying Phone Call

    had annoying phone call
    from a renowned bank
    its name i shall stall
    conversation it was rank... more »