• Bad Drivers! !

    Very bad drivers on the road today!
    TIME FOR A CRAZY POEM! !... more »

  • Bad Stomach Virus! ! !

    I hear there is a bad stomach virus going around! !

    I once caught a virus, and it was bad,... more »

  • Cold Weather

    With this cold weather,
    I'm frozen down to the guts,
    I feel colder than a snowmans nuts,
    I'm so cold,... more »

  • Long Hectic Day

    I worked all day,
    then cut the grass,
    now I`m walking funny,
    (cause I developed a rash) ,... more »

  • Mothers Day Poem

    Here is a beautiful poem that comes from my heart to all the wonderful mothers reading this.

    My name is Lee and I have something to say,
    To all the mothers, have a wonderful day,... more »

  • Scary Ghost Show

    I'm watching a show, that's all about ghost's,
    and I'm all creeped out as I write this post,
    I think I'd rather jam my guitar,
    Or go get drunk at some crappy bar,... more »

  • Silly Love Poem.

    Roses are red,
    And smurfs are blue,
    Just want you to know,
    I'm attracted to you,... more »

  • Special Valentines Day.

    My name is Lee,
    And I just wanna say,
    I hope you all,
    Have a wonderful day,... more »

  • Tasty Breakfast Taco! !

    I had a bacon and egg taco with EXTRA BEANS! !
    (I sense a poem coming along)
    HERE GOES! ! ....
    I know my poems are really cheesy,... more »