• Anesthetic Relief

    Waiting for the anesthetic narcotic
    To numb parts
    She does not want to feel for now.
    Skin going blubbery,... more »

  • Christmas Cheers

    Welcome to all who gather today
    Our journeys have crossed here and now,
    The festival season upon us again
    Relax and unwind, take a bow.... more »

  • Conundrum Of Time

    Decaying time
    Tumbling crumbling
    Breaking away
    From the residue of today,... more »

  • Driven

    I'm driven by the aching in my body,
    The shortness of the time left here on Earth,
    If I had another way
    Griping fears to allay... more »

  • Fulfillment Denied

    To sink in the mire,
    A cur-sed desire
    To quench the unquenchable,
    To grasp and claw... more »

  • In Your Garden

    I'm taking my time
    As I move through the space,
    To take it all in
    Feel the pulse of this place,... more »

  • New Year

    A time for reflection a pondering day
    The life of a man just passed away,
    Sombre subdued a heavy warm sky
    Unfolding new year whatever implied.... more »

  • Reaching Out

    I don't want to feel 'Good',
    This halfway place,
    Insipid space,... more »

  • Stirrings Of The Song

    You ask me the music I listen to....

    Beautiful musings of love, light and life,
    Stirring great songs of passion, power, pain,... more »

  • The Brokenness Of The Dying Man

    Hunched on a rock
    Mesmerized by the space,
    Delirium for now kept at bay,
    There was no going back... more »

  • The Crushing End

    Oh why in the morn
    Is it always the same?
    Wrest this twisted knot
    From the core of my frame.... more »

  • The Middle Years

    Ah this jolt the wake-me-up
    This harsh and honest view,
    Stare into the looking glass
    You sure that's really you?... more »

  • The Perilous Ascent

    Clawing desperately, frantically,
    Muscles burning
    Heart pumping recklessly,
    The heaving chest,... more »

  • This Thing About Doubt

    Another bout of self doubt
    It goes to the core
    It hacks at the heart
    Of a self just construed... more »

  • What I Know

    This is what I know....
    Time has toughened and torn,
    The journey is long
    And the years have flown,... more »

  • Whispers In The Wild

    Echo....murmured voices
    In my head
    In my head,
    Mesmerising quiet whispers... more »