Hey all... My name is Lee and I'm 25. Here are some of my traveling thoughts put into stanza form. To all those who took the time to respond to my poems, thank you so much. It's nice to know that people actually like what comes out of my messed up mellon! Thanks again, it's greatly appreciated and somewhat humbling at the same time.....


Lee McVicar Poems

The Feud

The seasons argued late one night,
On who would be the best,
They fought for hours just to be,
The one above the rest.... more »

All Night Long

The way I see the world,
It's all a loney road,
A road that I've been on,
For too long, so I'm told,... more »

Crying Yellow

All our words were said in silence,
As we sat there in the glow,
Our love was all around us,
Where the night went, we don't know,... more »

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