• All Night Long

    The way I see the world,
    It's all a loney road,
    A road that I've been on,
    For too long, so I'm told,... more »

  • Crying Yellow

    All our words were said in silence,
    As we sat there in the glow,
    Our love was all around us,
    Where the night went, we don't know,... more »

  • My Shining Star

    Lighning strikes, and thunder roars,
    The wind blows through the trees,... more »

  • The Dream

    I wrote this for my sister, after her first puppy, Molly, was killed by a hit and run jerk.

    When I sit up I see the mist,
    I feel her heart, I feel her kiss,... more »

  • The Feud

    The seasons argued late one night,
    On who would be the best,
    They fought for hours just to be,
    The one above the rest.... more »

  • The Lily

    Most people plant their gardens,
    With a loving, tender hand,... more »

  • The Moon And You

    There are two celestial bodies that I cherish everyday,
    Constants in my hectic life, that cause my heart to sway,
    Like the tides of Bay of Fundy as they serge and heave and swell,
    Those two celestial bodies that I've come to know so well.... more »

  • The Painter

    A world exists beside our own,
    Not many people see,
    One full of colour, texture, light,
    That most would not believe,... more »

  • The Photograph

    Some people say a photograph
    Can steal a persons soul,
    A moment time has all but lost,
    Which leaves you less than whole... more »