• A Kiss

    What started as a kiss
    Has continued to grow,
    My true love for you
    Has already started to show,... more »

  • By Chance

    Your name is a small creek
    flowing through my heart
    and I was heart broken
    when we had to part... more »

  • Clear

    Poetry is an easy out
    a way to clear the mind

    you can write about anything... more »

  • Eternal Love

    Look all around...
    Do you hear it?
    There is no sound...... more »

  • Friend (Inside Joke In Last Stanza)

    You've been my friend
    almost my whole life long
    when I fall
    you keep me strong... more »

  • Heaven And Hell

    Heaven and hell
    why such opposite?
    we live everyday splitting the two
    why make two places for us to go... more »

  • I Miss You

    I miss the way we used to talk
    and how things used to be

    I miss the way you helped me out... more »

  • Life

    Life is a journey
    goes by in a glance
    live for every moment
    take every last chance... more »

  • Lying, Cheating, And The Death Of Me!

    Why do I look
    Why do I try
    Everything I've been told
    Is all a huge lie... more »

  • Me

    I want you to see me
    who I really am
    not what you hear
    not what you see with your eyes... more »

  • My Friend The Drunk!

    I drink at day
    I drink at night
    profess my love
    then get in a fight... more »

  • My Love For You

    The sun at day
    the moon at night
    my love for you
    came without fight... more »

  • Name

    What's in a name?
    Who you are
    Where you're from
    your family... more »

  • No Longer A Friend

    Now you turn your back
    on all the friends you had
    after the years the friendship
    ends so fast... more »

  • Nothing Compares

    Nothing compares to the beauty you hold,
    Nothing that can be bought or sold
    The inner, the outer, and everything inbetween,
    You are the most beautiful person that I have ever seen.... more »

  • Picture

    There is a picture
    of you and I,
    when I see it
    I begin to cry.... more »

  • Please

    You are the light
    the dark
    the one who took
    my heart... more »

  • Searching

    Why is it so hard
    to fall in love again?

    To find someone... more »

  • The Seductive Look

    The seductive look
    in your beautiful eyes,
    The soft touch
    of your flawless skin,... more »

  • The View

    why do you look at me
    with an obscured view?
    look in the mirror
    and take a look at you.... more »

  • This Way Again

    Look me in the eyes
    and tell me what do you see
    Do you see pain and anguish
    frustration and sickness... more »

  • What I Feel Is True

    I know that what i feel is true
    It gets stronger everytime
    I think about you
    I'm truly happy and it's easy to see... more »

  • Will You Be There

    Will you be there
    when I'm awake?
    Or is this one
    really big mistake?... more »

  • You

    Your beautiful brown hair
    those deep brown eyes
    that we've become friends
    came as no suprise... more »