I started writing poetry several yrs ago. Sonnets are a favorite. Metrical poetry is preferred though I enjoy free verse, too.

Writing for children is quite fun, as well.


Leeanndra O'Lear Poems

(005) Revelation: Brooklyn Bridge (Cinquain)

the solid steel -
a giant, thumping heart.
This sturdy Brooklyn overpass... more »

(007) An Orb Weaving Spider Scurries Off To Brunch (Cinquain)

Hard work
pays off at noon;
her silky net ensnares
two twitching flies with zesty vibes.... more »

(006) Let Us Picnic Together In Strawberry Fields

Let us picnic together in Strawberry Fields
my delightful, melodious girl;
let us sit in the shade
sipping pink lemonade... more »

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