• Dearly January

    The winter's cold still lingered within
    But the sunlight's soon shining brightly
    What's there with your eyes restrained?
    To go on to love or not to love?... more »

  • Lotus

    Always your sweet fragrant
    brings me a moment of peace,
    pursuing inner cultivation,
    delicated, self contained, and sweet.... more »

  • Spring Sunshine Waited

    Oh dear Spring!
    I hear your tender walking crossing over the hills
    Your harmony songs wake up the shining green
    Where the birds joyously tweeting... more »

  • Thornbird

    Is it passion, is it fate?
    or an obsession that wont abate?
    Life fulfilled with a thorny tree
    Would we impale self to the thorn sharpest?... more »

  • Thoughts

    Here I am alone again
    in the middle night
    hearing tons of thoughts
    yet come with no sense... more »

  • Your Feet...

    I think I started loving your feet
    From that moment you stepped in the train that I was in
    Your feet made a step for a journey of thousand miles to begin
    Sometimes we dont really know the destination we come with our own walk....... more »