I am a writer at heart, but poetry is a new genre for me to tackle. I have always admired poets with a sharp wit and look forward to reading more great works. I also hope to hone my skills over time and hopefully, one day be admired myself.

...I know I have a long way to go. :)


Leia Monroe Poems


We are here to tell the story
Of a now flourishing nation,
Whose want for glory,
Started with a realization.... more »


Rough and wrong my dear
is the Power of fear.
Bystanders are too foolish to contradict
The conspiracy of society,... more »


How can one refrain, that which is disdain,
When all the voices maim, and bicker, and chant.
The words have lost thier meaning, to sustain,
And now there is only remnants of the rant.... more »

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