• Disdain

    How can one refrain, that which is disdain,
    When all the voices maim, and bicker, and chant.
    The words have lost thier meaning, to sustain,
    And now there is only remnants of the rant.... more »

  • Hark

    Rough and wrong my dear
    is the Power of fear.
    Bystanders are too foolish to contradict
    The conspiracy of society,... more »

  • Patiently

    We are here to tell the story
    Of a now flourishing nation,
    Whose want for glory,
    Started with a realization.... more »

  • Prime

    Shall I tell you of the die that I die?
    The momentous story locked up in time,
    Starts with the past that that never asks why,
    And ends so sweetly with death at my prime.... more »