1998. Hawai'i Award for Literature. (Hawai'i State Foundation for Culture and the Arts and the Hawai'i Literary Arts Council) .


Leialoha Apo Perkins Poems

The Saga Of Nazedha, Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Et Al Why They Memorized Osip Mandelstam's Poems, The Gulag

Who knows what insects Mandelstam kissed, blessing,
before eating them? (What he drank to down it all?)
What he ate: Ants with their delicate air, sleek black
body parts, snipped waist, massive heads eyeing who, what, there?... more »

Akhmatova's Circle

One by one – husband, lovers, friends
Wrote, slicing truths wafer thin
From turds of brute lies – courage
Incised by knives. Every turn... more »

There, Akhmatova Stood: Of Young Lev, Imprisoned For His Parents' Fame

Grief has no face, no feet. Its hands, bound, tongue paralyzed -
if withered is the heart. Eating is from inside small paned windows
looking out and seeing snow descend, bend trees to sag. Snow: glass.... more »

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