• A Second Chance

    At one point of my life I was abandoned on a frozen lake,
    the ice cracked,
    I fell through through,
    screaming for help but nobody came.... more »

  • I Wish

    I wish you would understand,
    I wish you would hold my hand.
    I wish you could see the pain your putting me through,
    I wish you could see my broken heart from you.... more »

  • I'M Sorry

    I'm through with wishing,
    instead of wishing for things like,
    I wish you would understand,
    it's going to be.... more »

  • Just A Tool

    I thought you were different,
    you said you weren't like that.
    But they were all lies,
    no surprise.... more »

  • Look

    When you look into these eyes of mine you see nothing,
    she smiles,
    she laughs,
    she acts like everything will be okay,... more »

  • Missing

    ... more »

  • Our Love

    Our love which was so strong,
    may not be for long,
    I love him still,
    yes I do.... more »

  • Somebody

    Somebody help me,
    somebody realize what's happening to me,
    how can they not see what's going on,
    I need somebody to stop me before I think to much,... more »

  • Someone New

    So now theres someone new,
    who says I'm beautiful instead of hot or sexy,
    someone who actually cares about what I think,
    someone I can't get off my mind,... more »

  • These Words

    She tries and she tries,
    but nobody listens,
    no one understands a word she says,
    it's like shes speaking a made up language.... more »

  • Without You

    Shortly after we met we were together,
    only for a short time.
    You said you loved me,
    I said it back,... more »