• Cut

    I've been watching you from a distance,
    The distance sees through your disguise,
    All I want from you is your hurting,
    I want to heal you,... more »

  • Cut 2

    She comes home, but no one is there,

    She feels this pain, but no one cares.... more »

  • She Sits Alone

    She sits in the corner all alone.
    She doesn't have a friend to call her own.
    Sitting, waiting, feeling left out.
    Her only choice is to sit there and pout.... more »

  • Suicide May Not Be Worth The Outcome

    Suicide May Not be Worth the Outcome...?

    My chin quivers,
    I see in blurs,... more »

  • The Greatest Feeling

    One kiss,
    A moment’s bliss.
    My heart cold as night,
    Has been given a great fright.... more »

  • The Worst Best Friend

    Why was I stuck with the worst best friend?

    Even though we'd be friends 'til the end.... more »

  • What Are Friends For?

    I know that you are hurting,
    You want to run and hide,... more »