My name is Lelani I am half Samoan and half hawaiian...I love poetry and i have been looking for a site where i can submit all the ones i have written...i hope you enjoy or connect or just can at least understand my feelings that i try to express in my poems...Go ahead and comment whether it be good or bad ones! I'm very open minded about critisism.....and my muse for most of these is my PRP...


Lelani Faifai Poems

The Light Of My Life

I wanted to give up
I wanted to leave everyone behind
Join the souls of no return
Embrace the darkness that is death... more »

Written In The Stars

I cannot hear you
I cannot see you

I can only write to you... more »

Dreams To Reality

tomorrow comes to soon
we have just begun
the sun rises
and with it you take your leave... more »

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Joelle Faifai 01 Jan 2008 02:05
I came across your poems while Googling my mother's name, Judy Faifai. I have read quite a few of them. They are wonderful to read and enjoy. I wonder if we are related. I am half samoan and half of other stuff. Email me at: I would like to write more about whose who and who we might be related to. Thanks for the wonderful poems.