• A Lady's Eye

    A teardropp falls from a lady's eye,
    Misery seeps into her being,
    She gives a deep, breathy, longing sigh,
    And dreams about believing.... more »

  • A Sad Smile

    I look upon my Nanna's shallow form,
    Her sunken eyes show an unending storm.
    Tubes stuck in her arms, neck and belly,
    She strains her eyes to watch the telly.... more »

  • An Old Soul

    I’m not like other children my age.
    The children my age are precarious fools,
    Whose actions are unjustified.
    I don’t understand why they do as they do,... more »

  • Anthropomorphism

    Monkeys looking like a man could be,
    Climbing to get the fruit off of the tree.
    Isn't that just like a human?
    What makes them different to us?... more »

  • Anything Is Possible

    When I ask others what they believe they say
    "I'm a Christian, Jesus is my saviour"
    "I'm an atheist, when I die I lie in a hole"
    "I'm a Buddhist, I believe in peace"... more »

  • Being 'Normal'

    I once came across a rather ordinary man
    Who believed in being perfectly normal
    He smiled at me and took my hand
    And kissed it in a manner quite formal... more »

  • Bloody Eyes (Sonnet)

    Deep in the darkness horrors lurk
    Horrors of a homophobic racist jerk
    Horrors of a life destroyed by family
    Horrors of person who wanders idly... more »

  • Broken

    Surrounded by people, yet so alone,
    Wishes for someone to call the phone,
    No trusted friends, a broken family,
    Pointless life is wandered through idly.... more »

  • Choose Life

    I cry and I don't know why,
    I vent and stress,
    I struggle in a mess,
    I scream and feel frustrated,... more »

  • Courting Death

    Slice me, knife, drain my blood.
    Please harm me, it feels good.
    Cut my arms, my veins, too.
    And I will hunt for blood with you,... more »

  • Cry For You

    Your eyes are glistening with unshed tears
    I've watched you grow through all these years
    I can't comfort you, I don't know how
    Though I wish to stop your pain right now... more »

  • Dad And Me

    Inside our house you'll find crannies and nooks.
    Crevices and cracks and fissures and books!
    Books under the bed and on the floor,
    Books around the table and beside the door,... more »

  • Death Of An Innocent (Part 2)

    'I went to a party mum,
    I know what you'd say.
    You'd say not to drink mum,
    But I drank anyway.... more »

  • Forgiveness Is Not The Key

    I look down at the people, I worry about their woes
    I worry about their joys, their friends, their foes
    I worry about their lives and the way they live it
    I worry about their dreams and wonder if they’ll heed it... more »

  • Full Impact Of Horror In War (Acrostic)

    Functioning is difficult when in shock
    Untimely end has come for all
    Lack of food
    Lack of hope... more »

  • Funeral For A Murdered Princess (Sonnet)

    Who curtsies to her who is like the princess?
    Only the cackling coos of the commoners
    Only the laughing liars who treat her as less
    Can speed her on her way with their horrid whirs... more »

  • Great Hate Comes From Great Love

    Everyone kneels as you walk into the room,
    It seems as if you’re made of gloom.
    Mist for body, shadows for clothes,
    Who you are everybody knows.... more »

  • Grumpy Lumpy

    Grumpy Lumpy cut his wrist
    Grumpy Lumpy’s veins were missed... more »

  • Hope

    Rain splashes around,
    Heaven cries its tears.
    Thunder crashes in the ears,
    Screams its frustration.... more »

  • In The Art Class

    I look around this joyful room,
    Amongst the peaceful teens
    This is perhaps the only class
    Where students are not machines... more »

  • It (Pennywise The Clown)

    Pennywise the clown just won't die
    It is evil enough to make me sigh
    It says It wants to make me float
    Just like Georgie's paper boat ... more »

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider's Mrs

    Itsy Bitsy Spider had it tough from the very start,
    All he really wanted was to win the Mrs' heart,
    But Mrs Spider was angry after a huge fight,
    And scurried up the water spout, away from Itsy's sight.... more »

  • Now You Know

    Everybody knows your war is over
    Everybody knows your good side lost
    Now your future is fixed
    The poor stay poor and the rich get rich... more »

  • Peace Is Overrated

    A land of peace is overrated.
    The dream of it is seriously out-dated,
    Because peace is truly non-existent
    The dream of it is only ever lent... more »

  • Peculiar Boss, Eccentric Employees

    In fascination, I once came across
    A rather peculiar type of boss
    He had yellow hair and a pink skirt
    Orange pants and a purple shirt... more »