• Phobia

    Tremors wrack my entire body
    Painful adrenaline sweeps through
    Fear at everything, fear at nothing
    If only you knew...... more »

  • Racism

    To attack one for their nationality,
    For their skin colour, their beliefs, their mentality,
    Is but the cruelness of petty people,
    Who are building an ignorant steeple.... more »

  • The Abyss

    The darkness reaches out to me and gently caresses
    The abyss is creeping up on me
    The emptiness strokes my arms in a comforting manner
    I know its arms like an old lover... more »

  • The Algernon-Gordon Effect (5-7-5 Poem)

    Man considered dumb,
    Retardation sufferer.
    Lost inside the world.... more »

  • The Bookworm

    This alien land is made of paper
    Its pages stay firmly stuck together
    Until this foreign creature slides them apart
    She ruins their land like she has no heart... more »

  • The Naiad

    The sea swallows the maiden whole
    With a wistful smile on her face
    Both corybantic and tranquil
    She is stuck in a dark place... more »

  • The Path In The Sky

    True love never ends; it has no beginning,
    If you quarrel with a dear one you will make amends
    And I’m trying to give love to someone other than me.
    The road is mine to choose, I choose the one of friendship... more »

  • The Predator

    She stalks the night like a predator
    She sizes you up like a predator
    She is avoided like a predator
    She is feared like a predator... more »

  • The Reason We Search For Love

    In the beginning everyone had:
    Two heads,
    Two hearts,
    Two personalities... more »

  • The Sociopath (1)

    I sat alone today and wondered if I could still feel,
    Inside my soul I believe nothing is truly real.
    Alone once again and it doesn’t even cause me pain.
    I try to remember how to have blind belief gained.... more »

  • The Sociopath (2)

    Yes, but no; the answer’s no.
    Right but wrong, always wrong
    Empathetically empty, emotions faked,
    Faked very badly, not understood at all.... more »

  • The Sociopath (3)

    I think there’s something wrong with me.
    I throw my hand into fire yet I do not feel,
    Why won’t my skin burn and peel?
    There’s no fire left in my life.... more »

  • The Ways Of Life

    Do not conform to the ways
    ‘The ways' are but a way to capture your spirit,
    To break your heart,
    To kill your soul.... more »

  • True Beauty

    When a pretty girl walks down the street,
    All the people want to meet.
    This girl with slim hips and golden hair,
    This girl that everybody wants to stare.... more »

  • Utopia

    Long golden hair swirls around my bosom as I twirl
    My flowing skirt dances with my body as we whirl
    Dancing in the moonlight, singing to our song
    In peace and happiness, this is where we belong... more »

  • What Makes Us Human

    I believe ability makes us intelligent, it distinguishes us from animals
    I believe all have the ability to learn, to create art, to love
    I believe we can let our ability go to waste, or we can let it flourish
    I believe our ability that makes us human is our intelligence and good judgement... more »

  • Winners Never Quit

    I met a man once who was clever and witty,
    He could make up a story in a jiffy,
    He told me he wrote a horror book,
    But it got rejected after one look,... more »

  • Wish

    If you could wish for just one wish, what would you wish?
    Would you wish for a fish or a dish or just to be stylish?
    Would you wish to vanquish anguish, or to banish blowfish?
    Some would wish to be Irish, some would wish for a kiss.... more »