• A Love So Strong

    While i gave you a reason for lyin', you gave me a reason for cryin'
    How could a love so strong end up to be so wrong..?
    I know you liked it with him, that's what you meant by sin
    How could a love so strong end up to be so wrong..?... more »

  • As Long As You'Re Happy

    Today i met a lonely girl
    with a touch of magic
    i've been waiting for someone like her
    I'm so happy... more »

  • Calamity

    Mama you abandoned me
    I breathe insanity
    Calamity... more »

  • Consumed With Insanity

    Pain I make you feel
    Pain like no other
    There's no time to heal
    Now you must suffer... more »

  • Forsaken (Song)

    She said that she loved meee
    But she played arou'oound
    How do i heal? The truth cut me... more »

  • From Within

    I can't believe you fucked up
    You made my baby go away from me
    NOW YOU MUST SUFFER... more »

  • Guilty Soul

    I make you angry
    You make me angry too
    But still i regret what i say darlin i'm so into you
    I wouldn't want to... more »

  • In My Own Hands

    In my own hands
    where happiness lies
    like a baby's grip
    holding on for my love that never dies... more »

  • Intanto Io Morirò (Song)

    Io rimango qui
    Lontano da te
    Sei ancora lontana da me
    Non mi hai mai amato... more »

  • Lonely Eyes

    It doesn't matter how hard i try
    Even though i'll be dyin inside
    Look deep within and tell me what you find
    I just can't seem to hide... more »

  • Love Sick

    Into darkness i'm bound
    I let the blood and tears run down i'm sick
    So many memories of you
    I sit here in my silence i'm sick... more »

  • Lurkin' In My Loneliness

    He has no woman of his own
    So every night he walks alone
    Although he has no place to go
    He's livin in a world so cold... more »

  • Sealed With A Kiss

    I'm sick of feelin' like an orphan
    Suicidal thoughts keep relapsin in my head
    Very often
    Ask anyone i know if i'm ready for my coffin... more »

  • Sealed With A Kiss Part 2

    Is there, a reason, why you
    You don't smile anymore
    Tell me, when you do, and I will
    Be there for you all the way home... more »

  • Senza Te (Without You)

    When you're not there
    It's only me, no more
    you for me and i don't know why
    the happiness inside of me... more »

  • Shake And Shiver

    My girl where have you gone..?
    I'm holdin onto your pillows, in your room with a quiver
    Waiting for you to come home, I shake and I shiver
    Thinkin where did I go wrong, I'm not sure so I grab my bong... more »

  • The Forbidden Lullaby

    You don’t have to give a reason why
    I would never wish to see you cry
    And if I could be with you tonight
    I would open up my arms and hold you tight... more »