Leo Marks 24 September 1920 – 15 January 2001

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He also wrote: Nag, nag, niggle, nag Spit your life away Waggle your acid in front of the placid And establish your right of way Then pick a point Peck a point, grind it on a nerve Nag, nag, niggle, nag Till you get what you deserve.
What a lovely poem, and of course Leo has yet another claim to fame - he was the London bookseller in '84 Charing Cross Road'. Anthony Hopkins played him just right, and I can just remember the actual shop at No 84, with a dark coloured? black frontage. I also remember how my family were likewise [; eased to get food parcels in 1946-49, though in this case not from a famous author in the US, but family in Canada..
I have just heard The Life that I Have read out over the radio and would love to track it down.