Leom Kolmnela Biography

LEOM KOLMNELA was born in Shkoder Albania March 14,1969. He is the author of 24 books (novels and poems) , among them 'The Return of the Emigrant” (1992) , “Destroyed I have the Soul'” (1993) , “A Night in the Public Houses” (1994) , “With the Women” (1995) , “The Door of Bad Fortune” (1996) , ”The Love” (1998) , ”The Winter” (1999) , “I Seen the World” (2000) , “Do Not Cry Mother” (2001) , “200 SONNET'S OF THE SOLDIER” (2006) , “What Somebody Wants All their Life” (2002) , “Ghost Love” (2003) , “Last Will” (2004) , “Kill to be Killed” (2005) , “Between Terror and Love in Madrid” (2006) “The Hollywood rules” (2008) 'Soul Sweat Soul' Sonnet's (2011) ..etc.

Leom is the winner of various prizes in poetry. In 2000 he won the prize 'Mind of gold' in Cyprus and Best Poet' s and Poems' in international poetry. In 2008 he won 'The poet of the year' in Las Vegas. In 2004 Leom graduated as director and filmmaker, from the 'Hollywood Films Institute'. In 2010 he was the co-producer of feature film 'Magic City Memoirs' and in 2011 he produced the TV sitcom 'Miami Life'.

Leom currently lives in Los Angeles, California.Is married with Justine Ndreca & have 2handsome boys Niki &Cheki!