• Christine

    Crystal like the sound
    Heard only by the leaves, and the spirit of your heart... more »

  • Elizabeth

    Eyes that see the truth in those false colours of the night
    Lips that cannot lie with a tender touch... more »

  • Mary

    Many hills separate me and my once true love, many hills and many miles
    And seas, and forests, flowered glades, and time... more »

  • My Love

    Now I know my love.
    My love who tempts, torments, and turns my soul.... more »

  • Nurse Judy

    Near to the time when morning stirs
    Under fading stars and a distant moon
    Restless leaves greeting the dawn with a whispered rustle
    So now comes the lady by a misted lake... more »

  • Susan

    Sounds of stars, swept by waves across a moonlit sea
    Under, over, round and round, spinning eternally... more »