• Big Piece Of Chicken

    I AM THE MAN... more »

  • Charlie

    Back when I was young,
    and not too bright
    My mother brought her
    friend Charlie home one night... more »

  • Childish Drama

    I am forced to admit daily
    that it is a damn shame
    How I fantasize about her
    constantly on the morning train... more »

  • Contentment

    We shared yesterday,
    and we have today,
    with nothing to follow
    Because you forgot the past,... more »

  • In A Flood Of My Tears

    My heart strings slowly stopped
    vibrating allowing our love to fade
    As she removed her mask
    ending the painful masquerade... more »

  • Indepedence Day

    All five senses suppressed in

    blood thirst quenching confusion,... more »

  • Just Born That Way!

    I saw into the eyes of a woman while she
    was doing men, not one or two, I mean
    five or six, One in each hand, group action,
    sober as she could be, for men twice her... more »

  • Life Isn'T A Game

    HER, with tears flowing,
    slurring words like a James Brown jam
    She cut into me like a Christmas ham... more »

  • Make That Sale

    Any man will treat any woman like a Queen
    if she has what it takes to sale him that dream
    You know the one with the two kids,
    the big house, the new cars, and that... more »

  • Nice Guy

    Do you know the true
    pain of failure, or the
    humiliation of coming
    up short after you put... more »

  • On Judgement Day

    My mother did not pray for us children
    Or answer questions after explaining
    Fools die long before learning value for life
    Comes only after wisdom has been earned... more »

  • She Could Not Be Happier

    She gave me a reason to mean I love you,
    a reason to be there for her, by her side,
    on her mind, in her heart constantly, with
    my thoughts, with my time, my actions,... more »

  • Were It Now For U.S.

    If things were as black and white as they convey
    Subprime borrowers would still have a place to stay
    and President Obama would have a lot less gray... more »

  • What This Means

    Our destiny does not excite a dogmatic response
    Instead it cleanses the palate with profound nuance
    With flavored metaphors, seasoned with historic fact
    Creating cuisine for the mind that keeps us looking back... more »

  • Women, On Those Days!

    Every man needs a day once in a while
    to mourn his dead hopes, those days
    to check the status of unanswered prayers,
    to realign his expectations, to take a good... more »