• A World Of Beauty And Joy

    The world has so much beauty and joy to offer
    I cannot imagine how to enjoy them all
    A place full of people, charming faces, great minds
    To share friendships and relationships... more »

  • Capitalism, Technology And Our Destruction

    It’s a sad irony: technology that was meant to save us
    Technology that was meant to give us hope and peace
    Is giving us more troubles and gloomy future instead
    People are losing faith in life and turning to hatred. Why?... more »

  • How Happy As A Child Was I

    How happy as a child was I?
    Very much indeed I tell you why.
    It was like waking up one day in paradise
    Where everything was wonderful and nice.... more »

  • Man And The Universe

    In the beginning was the universe
    No one could make a verse.
    Then came the human being
    And everything had meaning.... more »

  • My Faith In Life

    My faith in life is that human life is beautiful
    It is a million times more beautiful than I can realize
    Oh, how I love it.... more »

  • My Greatest Love

    I first fell in love when I was young in grade school
    With nature whose magic and beauty was all around
    Like a butterfly to the flowers I was drawn
    Oh, the joy I felt, the joy I felt, the purest I’ve ever found.... more »

  • My Thoughts

    Many a thing can do me harm
    But my thoughts will keep me calm
    Society may disappoint me
    My family may frustrate me... more »

  • Our Little Paradise

    We all wish to live in paradise
    Where all our hope and happiness lies
    Where all our dreams we’ll plan and pursue
    The good life to us humans is due.... more »

  • Perfection, Our Ultimate Destiny

    It took billions of years for life to emerge on this earth
    It took even more time for us humans to wait
    For this chance to be alive and celebrate our birth
    A chance to set foot on this planet and gaze at the universe.... more »

  • Playing With Technology

    What happens when a child plays with a razor?
    What happens when a child plays with fire?
    What happens when a child drives a car?... more »

  • Who Is This God Who Created Man

    Who is this God who created man?
    He’s so selfish and self-centered
    He demands us all to worship Him.... more »