Leonora Speyer 1872-1956

Leonora Speyer, Lady Speyer (née von Stosch) (7 November 1872 – 10 February 1956) was an American poet and violinist.

She was born in Washington, D.C., the daughter of Count Ferdinand von Stosch of Mantze in Silesia, who fought for the Union.

She studied music in Brussels, Paris, and Leipzig, and played the violin professionally under the batons of Arthur Nikisch and Anton Seidl, among others. She first married Louis Meredith Howland in 1894, but they divorced in Paris in 1902. She then married banker Edgar Speyer (later Sir Edgar), of London, where the couple lived until 1915. That year, they came to the United States and took up residence in New York, where Speyer began writing poetry. She won the 1927 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for her book of poetry "Fiddler's Farewell".



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Would love to find her poem, beginning: The house is all in wooden rags/The chimney tilts/The gable sags/ And all about are broken flags/That my feet guess.
A very minute collection of Mrs.Speyer's works. WHERE IS THE POEM SHE WROTE CALLED The PET?
This poet did not post any poems within last 14 days. Not to belabour the point, but have been dead for many years, do you really expecting her to be write poetry in her grave?